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    Does Colt still offer nickel plating in refinishing?

    Just wanted to ask if anyone knew whether or not Colt's custom shop still offered bright nickel plating or hard chroming as a service? Thanks.

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    Repair, Refinishing and Custom Services
    Please contact Customer Service to obtain more information about or to place orders for repair, refinishing or custom services (either engraving and decorative services or performance enhancements). Orders for these services are placed directly with the factory.
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    Im pretty sure they farm that out to another company...fords? Apw?

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    Almost no place will do nickel plating anymore. I searched and unless you can find a great place that can do it right on something with relatively tight tolerances, don't do it. APW used to do nickel, but then they dropped it in favor of chrome and a couple other finishes. Nickel looks nice, but it has crap durability compared to other options. So hard chrome is going to be the most likely option.

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