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    1st AR build. Headspacing.

    Looking for someone to check the headspacing of my ar build and look it over to see if they see any problems. It is my 1st build and has a used upper but a new bcg and lower. Thankyou.

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    An expert told me that without good Headspace, you will create a choke point.

    .....believe me, my hooker knows what she's talking about.
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    Go shoot it OP. You're fine

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    Will do. Thanks nyleRN. You may resume your card game.

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    I've built several AR's, and I've never checked headspace. I've changed barrels and bolts, and haven't checked headspace.

    It doesn't hurt to check, but as long as you're using quality parts, everything will fit properly.
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    Headspace is as simple as a 'Go/NoGo' gauge set.
    There *Might* be one floating around with the loner tools section.

    The bolt will lock freely on the 'Go' gauge,
    But won't lock on the 'NoGo' gauge.

    Simply call anyone recommended and see if they have a headspace gauge set, no sense in driving if they don't.

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    Funny how everyone worries about headspace except for the AR platform
    I'd venture to say 90% of all assembled AR's have never been and better yet those that assemble them don't even know what it means
    Now that that has been said what would you do to remedy it if there were an issue?
    Long and short if its made to specifications no worries, if not you are just fireforming cases.
    the design really doesn't matter.
    And don't get me started on 5.56 vs .223 as it's another NON ISSUE
    Farmritch aka. Moes Harness Rifleman,Commoman,Av8tor & A plethoria of worthless information.

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    Pull the trigger....
    I only issue I ever had with a build is reloads I made, the case neck wasn’t correct.

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    It worked out great. A member here offered use of their go/no go gauges and it checked out just fine. I now have about 500 rounds through it problem free. Sorry for the late update and thankyou for your help.

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    Fire one round. Check the fired case in a case gauge. Shoot many thousands more cartridges.

    Red Fire 372

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