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    Quote Originally Posted by Dead Duck View Post
    Seriously! Plastic on a 1911? Blasphemy!
    It was bad enough when they started to make lighter "SPECIAL ALLOY" frames. Just say Aluminum. That's what it is.

    There is a time and place for plastic on guns.
    In the toy box and as a prop in theatre. Everything else should be trashed. This includes the frame.

    "But all steel is too heavy" - This is why girly-men shouldn't carry guns.
    LOL. I have a G34 too so I'm part of the problem

    That said, I dig my 1911. I might move over to single stack in competitions. I've only been shooting a short time.

    Quote Originally Posted by praff View Post
    I havenít had a newer colt across my bench but Iím surprised to hear itís a plastic mainspring housing. Depending on what the purpose of the pistol is, I would replace it sooner rather than later. It probably wont fail completely, but why take the chance. It is a cheap part and easy to replace.

    When you replace it, polish the inside of the housing and the mainspring cap. Pay attention to the inside of tunnel, as I have seen some pretty nasty machine marks/ridges on the inside of a few.
    Sure thing. Thanks for the info

    I'll grab a SS replacement soon. I am already about to make another thread to show off the work I've done to this 1911 already. I want tips and advice on where to go with it parts wise, etc.

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    Yeah I would replace it. You can buy a blued steel mainspring housing for around $25. Stainless will be more obviously. Pretty simple swap but do what praff said with the polishing.

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    My 90s era Commander came w plastic MS housing. It got a Pachmayr arched very soon after purchase. My dads GC from that same era had plastic and it cracked.

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