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    Extended mag release drops mag on discharge - G34

    OK let's get this part out of the way. This is not user error. I am not touching the mag release button while gripping the gun.

    I have purchased an aftermarket extended mag release for my G34 from NDZ Performance. Anodized aluminum. Basically the cheapest option I could get that was in blue. They have 3 sizes and I chose the largest. It looks great and is exactly the size I needed. Dry fire testing is great. Mag locks in and releases well (though it does not take much pressure to release it)

    However, at the range the mag drops on first round shot. I've now had 2 of these because the company graciously sent a replacement (they have been great to me so far). I also purchased a replacement mag catch spring in case mine was weak or bent.

    The first one took a few mags before it started dropping on discharge, second one (with new mag catch spring) dropped my mag on first round fired (with no further testing because I was at a club shoot and instantly swapped it back).

    My OEM extended mag catch works perfectly with both springs. They say the G34 comes with an extended mag release by default but mine definitely doesn't feel extended and requires grip change for me to press it. I'm sure it is the extended one but it's difficult for me to press so I'd hate to see the standard.

    After calling Glock Store (because I still want to buy one that works) and asking if they've seen this issue they said they do see it sometimes. After further conversation he recommended I buy one that was a polymer with an extended button because he said "sometimes metal on polymer causes issues".

    My questions to you:

    Have you had this happen? Do you agree that metal on polymer for the mag catch could cause issues that would he solved by just using a polymer aftermarket? Any success with a metal one that you can recommend? I am looking for a blue one and I feel like maybe I could still do well if I buy a metal one from Glock Store (I'm not a fan of the one they're recommending to me) but I don't want to go directly against their advice without someone else saying they've had success with it.

    Thanks for your input!

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    Sounds like the aftermarket's catch "nub" may not be machined right or the design of the mag release is not allowing it to seat correctly on the magazine.

    No success with metal ones, but I cannot fathom anything other than the factory extended mag release. Not super fast, not flashy, but works and I can't think of a situation where I need something the size of a emergency stop button to drop a mag, no matter the game, defensive purpose, etc... The size of the factory extended is primo.
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    Did you get the mag release problem resolved?

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