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    Reblue or Cerakote Remington 870

    Looking for someone to refinish an 870 receiver/tube. The barrel is fair condition and can get by without it. I am open to reblue or cerakote either one. I already have some monies and time tied up in this gun and the plans are to donate the use of it to the high school trap league team in an area that kids might not be so fortunate with availability of nicer firearms, so with that said I need it refinished but also need to keep costs as low as possible. Open to suggestions..I have already received a Cerakote price from AllenM on this forum (no complaints with his quote) and just looking for additional possibilities to keep costs down.

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    Wheeler Cerama Cote and try at home?

    Probably be better than spray paint and cheaper than cerakote

    That being said why won't a quality spray paint work?

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    My 1100 Magnum wears Brownells Gunkote.
    Oven cure.

    Of course I just checked and gloss or matte............sold out.

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    Look into SLOW RUST BLUE done at home cost for materials @ $25 .00 and it will be a learning experience
    You will get a very durable finish
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    We had a house fire a couple years ago, and needed to get a few guns refinished. The two that didn't need anything had been painted with Rustoleum. And of course, fingerprints won't hurt it a bit.

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