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    Shilen trigger question

    Howdy folks

    I have a Remington 700 set up for long range precision in 6.5 I wonít bore you with the complete details on the rifle just know that with the load I have worked up I can group 5shots consistently under .5in@100yards.

    Well I recently attended the regional f-class long range match at atterbury hosted by cihprs, this was my first ever match but not first time shooting at distance I managed to score a 185/200 and 181/200 due to target issues I was unable to shoot the 3rd string.

    The whole experience left me wondering if I could do better replacing my timney 510. As luck so happened I came across a used shilen competition 2-6oz trigger for $90 locally. I had to adjust the hell out of this thing to get it not to slam fire. It has a hair Of take up that doesnít feel smooth, I canít get rid of the take up without making it slam fire. I figured it was still better then my timney and proceeded to dry fire for awhile until I could take it out today.

    Then today low and behold I shot 5 groups, 4 which grouped right at an 1inch maybe a little over with Heavy string elevation wise basically they were a straight one inch line up and down. On the last group I focused hard to get a good trigger pull and managed to squeeze maybe a .8 inch group.

    Iím convinced this shilen is not for me, and since getting home I put the timney back in to double check myself. The thing is I have jewells in some rifles so this isnít my first time with an ultra light trigger but the way this shilen feels idk. Do some of you folks like take up in your light triggers? My jewells are usually around 6-9oz and basically when you put your finger on and pull it fires. It seemed no matter what I did the shilen has creep and very minimal grit to it. I just canít believe that my 1.5lb timney outshot a 6oz competition trigger. Really paranoid I messed something up.

    Thoughts anyone ?

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    Could it be the Shilen is supposed to be 2 stage?

    Just call me lollipop.

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