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    Restocking a Mauser sporter rifle

    I have a Mauser 98 sporter in 25/06 cal. E.R.Shaw heavy sporter barrel. I would like to find someone in the southern part of the state that could fit the rifle in a new stock. The current stock is the older California type with oversize flat forearm and Maple tip/pistol grip cap ugly and heavy. I dont have the new one at this time so suggestions on where to find and who to trust to do a proper job appreciated. Thanks

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    I'm not south... but I do have a suggestion... one that will be a drop in.

    Hogue OverMolded.
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    Check out Richards Microfit stocks. I have bought several stocks from them over the last 20 years and have been very happy with them. Make sure to check out the closeouts. I picked up an exhibition grade english walnut stock that was marked down to $89 from $479 because of a small flaw in the grip area.

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    Been offline due to failed hard drive. Appreciate the responses. Will definitely check out Richards. Hogue overmolded stocks just never have appealed to me. I prefer a classic sporter profile stock. Would love to find a competent person to finish inletting and bed the action in a walnut or synthetic stock. I have even considered shipping the barreled action out to be done. Thanks again

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    check out BOB Mason ,Elkhart In ph 574-875-6637
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    Walt, I spoke with Bob last evening. Real pleasure to talk with him. He said his work was in front of him by several month's. Thanks for responding.

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