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    Gunsmith for a "Bubba'd up" L frame?

    Hey, Guys,

    Many years ago, I picked up a well-used S&W 586 (circa early 1980's) and stuck it in my safe. Long story short, several years later, I discovered that, before I bought it, someone had attempted to make a round butt out of the square butt frame and did a dismal job of it. Obviously, I had never removed the wrap-around grips, duh! Lesson learned.

    I have several reasons for not getting rid of it. One of which is that I had Denny Reichard do a trigger job on it and I'd hate to lose it, now that he's gone. My buddy says to just throw the grips back on it and shoot it, but it drives me crazy knowing it's like that.

    Can anyone recommend a gunsmith to finish the job of making it a round butt? I know the front of the frame, as well as the rear, needs contoured and the strain screw is different, so knowing my limitations, I won't be attempting it myself. I want it to be a professional-looking job.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Maybe Bosshoss can help. I've heard he knows a thing or two about wheel guns.

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    I've got a model 19 that my brother gave me.
    It came with a set of rubber grips installed when he bought it used , I was going to put a set of wood grips on it.
    Pulled the rubber ones off, and the bottom of the grip frame had been broken and apparently welded back together by a 3 yr old.
    Needless to say the rubber grips are still on it.
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    I feel your pain, Red. Live and learn, I guess

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    Thanks, Bigtanker. Appreciate it. I'll contact him.

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