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    In need of a pistolsmith

    Well I got myself in over my head again. Not entirely but I know mine and my equipments limitations. I'm working on putting together a ck arms 2011 for limited and some steel. I am looking for recommendations and contact info on someone to do some work I'm not equipped to do. I need a bull barrel fit, then the slide tri-topped, some sight cuts and maybe some lighting cuts. I would prefer someone from indiana the closer the better but I'm willing to travel to indy or so. I just don't want to ship. I'm located in Richmond. Any recommendations are welcome and thank you ingo community.

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    AllenM is your guy. He does all my heavy lifting for me. He is an Ingo member and easy to find. You can not contact him due to your low post count and no PM accesses. You can PM me as I am staff. Give me a PM with your contact info and I will link you 2 up.
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    I shipped a 4506-1 slide and a new wide hood barrel to Allen a few years back to get fitted. Within a week got everything back and she shoots great.

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