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    First AK build advice?

    I recently purchased a Romanian AK kit and six mags for what I feel was an excellent price, hoping to undertake my first kit build. I've been doing research into it I understood from the start that it was much more involved than an AR build and I feel confident that it's within my abilities/ resources. I have access to several presses, and I plan to fabricate my own DIY build tools as per guides listed below. However, it is still my first build, and I'm bound to screw something up through inexperience. I plan to build on a prebent, rail welded, and heat-treated Recreator Blanks 80% receiver, and use rivets instead of screws.

    I would appreciate the advice of much more experienced builders, if you would be willing to share it. I'm very excited, but a little apprehensive.

    Guides I'm going off of for build tool fabrication if you have any suggestions for better approaches, I'd be very open to hear them:

    [As of this posting, AK Files is down; try accessing archived versions of these threads from the Wayback Machine on]

    Wookies Words: Romanian Rivet Build


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    Not sure where you live, but in the past there have/has been AK Build parties in Avon and Geenwood.
    There are reputable builders on the board, who will help you if needed.

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