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    Change camo shotgun barrel back to blue (or maybe black cerakote)

    If you own any Browning shotguns, you will know that they are PROUD of their barrels.
    I always wanted a 26" barrel for my Browning Gold but the $450 price tag was almost as much as a new shotgun.
    Anyway, one day, while rooting around on ebay, I found a 26" barrel that was just perfect, except for one thing.
    It was factory camo. A classic wood stock and blued receiver with a camo barrel is just weird.
    It WAS a good deal and I bought it.
    It works great and I have used it for several years now but, recently, I have been wondering if it is feasible to remove the camo and have a more normal looking shotgun.
    What is required here?
    I don't think I just want to cerekote over the camo, but maybe that's the easiest way.
    How hard is it going to be to remove the factory camo finish?
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    Let it sit in acetone for a day.

    You might have a blued barrel underneath.
    Stay safe,

    Brett Havlin

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    If it's that disgusting hydo dip I've had very good luck with a heat gun with a plastic scraper.

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