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    Looking for engraver

    My wife would like an engraved gun. She has several guns so I figure I could just get one of them engraved. Anyone on here have recommendations for a engraver?

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    Is the gun blue or stainless .If blue it will need to be reblued. Terry miller in How ,in has done good work for me their several in the ares that do good work .If the person keeps the gun over night he is required to have a FFL Don't know many that can turn out a gun in that short time
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    David Clevinger Engraving Home
    David is a friend of mine from high school.
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    ZR Tactical Solutions in Noblesville. They did some engraving for me as well as other things. Excellent to deal with and quality work.

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    SNR Shooting Supplies in Plainfield does laser engraving

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    Are you talking just a name /saying or intricate detail?
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    Doesn’t have to be super intricate but she seems to like the scroll work and the hand engraved stuff better.

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    Sam Cherry.
    3408 West Wendover Ave.
    Suite N
    Greensboro, NC

    She is daughter of the owner of Cherry's, they carry some fine guns.

    I live in Plainfield, if you want to see her work PM me and we can meet in the area. I have a pair of 2nd gen Colt 1851 Navies. This is the second and third guns she done. She is not cheap but is as good as some masters in the $5000 range. My guns were sent to Turnbull to pep for engraving as case hardening had to be made soft. They were then sent back to Turnbull to be refinished after engraving. A lot more money than the new cost of the guns.
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    Last spring, Top Guns in Terre Haute had a guy set up a part time engraving in an unused office. Haven't been there since Feb. You can find their number on the web and get details.

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