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    Colt 1911 .45 Extractor Lengths

    I'm not able to find a straight answer on this.

    Is the extractor of a Colt 1911 from the 1920's shorter than the extractor of a modern day 1911?

    Somebody sent me this picture of a modern day 1911 and a 1927 Sistema Colt, which is a licensed clone of a Colt 1911 built with Colt tooling.
    The extractors look vastly different in length.

    They're claiming it has the wrong extractor.
    I'm not so sure.

    I told them to install the extractor and check the gap between the extractor hook and the breach face?
    Should one look for .075 to .085 between the hook and breechface?
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    To answer my own question, I found a copy of the blueprints of the 1911 that should be applicable to this Sistema 1927 licensed Colt clone.
    This should help give an answer to the question.

    In case anybody is interested, they're here.

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