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    Attn: Glock collectors Glock 21

    For sale: Glock 21 gen 2 serial number VX XXX US LNIB It is perfectly mint.
    Fixed sight trijcon h3 91 (18 year old brand new Glock) 13 round mags

    Price: including all listed below $639.00

    Location: Southern Madison county, Noblesville, Anderson, Pendleton, Castleton Indiana area.

    Round count exactly 11 rounds. I have all the ammo for it he must have left the empties at the range.

    Box paperwork mag loader 2 springs cleaning brush (no shells in envelope as this gun predates this Glock practice)

    Galco Miami vice Glock 20 shoulder holster

    Original 2 boxes of PMC Starfire eldorado 230 grain jacketed HP ammo minus 11 rounds.

    Compaq computer range bag, (Nice little range bag)


    I purchased this Glock from a friend who moved to Japan a few years ago. He in turn was in England for College and was interested in joining the FBI at one time. Needless to say England and japan are not gun friendly. He special ordered and purchased this new in 1992 in the spring as he heard the FBI was adopting the Glock 45 as the FBI gun. He rode his motorcycle to wilber wright FWA and shot 11 rounds to make sure it feed the ammo reliably and put it back at his mother house for many years while in college and overseas. I purchased it from him several years ago right before he got married and returned to live in Japan. Since then it has remained unshot in my bug out box.

    Why I believe this is a collectors quality glock. (Sounds weird collectors glock) On glock talk (web site link included) it states that VX serial numbers glocks were the first US 45 pistols and had the box "1987 US-AWARD: Best in the Market" decal! There were model 21 produced before this date with the UB December 1990 - 2nd Gen. - First G-21s and the UY - G-21 - May 1991 - 2nd Gen. I believe these were not imported in the USA for civilian sales, As US is not stamped on them. The VY - G-21 - July 1991 - 2nd Gen did not have the decal on the box and were produced in july 92. If this proves to be correct this is one of the first 500 glock 45's sold in the USA outside of government sales. The pmc ammo is what came with the pistol and the price for this self defense round on the box was $13.50 for 20 rounds.

    Here is some info I found and where i found it. (PS he was a big Miami vice fan)

    Discount Guns for Sale - Buds Gun Shop

    Galco holsters; Holsters; Gun holster, pistol holsters, western holsters, shoulder holsters, leather holster and Glock holsters

    Glock Serial Number Research Project (New) - Glock Talk

    Galco holsters; Holsters; Gun holster, pistol holsters, western holsters, shoulder holsters, leather holster and Glock holsters

    Defensive Ammo tests (Doug Gwyn)

    1. I am well aware of the true value of this offering.
    2. I am not in desperate need to ďcash outĒ.
    3. I have not lost my job.
    4. I donít owe a large tax bill.
    5. I am not getting a divorce.
    6. I donít have some pending large debt that needs paid.
    7. My vehicles are all in good working order.
    8. This item is already priced fairly and unrealistic offers wonít be entertained or responded to.
    9. I am reporting the current condition and history of the firearm as it is known to me.
    10. This is not a garage sale and I am not ďa bottom dollar kinda guy.Ē The ad clearly states what my fair asking price is. If you want to know what I will take for my listing, make an offer and donít expect me to guess your personal finances and limitations.
    11. I understand all offers are CASH OFFERS in US dollars. I donít take checks, credit cards, or layaways.
    12. Unless this ad states otherwise, I am not interested in any other trades at this time.
    13. If trade interests are noted, those are the only trades I am considering at this time.
    14. This is a private sale, so Sales Tax is not being collected.
    15. I own several American-made, large SUVís that drain the $3/gallon gas, so driving all around Indiana to make you a deal is not in my future.
    16. I wonít be bumping with ďA NEW LOWER PRICE every few days.Ē
    17. All sales are final upon completion of the transaction.
    18. No warrantees or guarantees are implied or conveyed from the Seller.
    19. I donít care if you pay full price, you will still need a DL, LTCH, and sign a receipt when the transaction is complete. This is for your safety and my security. I donít care where you live, but your DL and LTCH will match. I take your Name, DOB, INGO ID, and LTCH # for the receipt. I get a copy and you will as well. I do not submit my receipt to anyone and it is for my eyes only.
    20. INGO is a reputable site and I appreciate the opportunity to buy, sell, and trade goods on here. I will not place my account, standing, or conscious in jeopardy to cut corners or bypass any current laws in the completion of this transaction. INGO is not an avenue to pass legal firearms into the hands of suspect individuals.

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