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    S&W 629 Classic with 8 3/8” barrel with box and paperwork, Indianapolis

    WTS: S&W model 629-5 Classic, stainless, 8 3/8” barrel, box with original paperwork, N frame, 6 shot, Hogue rubber combat grips. Has normal wear, light ring on cylinder, locks up nice and tight. Fired less than 100 rounds. This is not a safe queen, but in a nice 90% condition.

    WTS: $625 Cash

    FTF/DL/LTCH with receipt upon transaction. I am located on the west side of Indy. Willing to travel some for the right deal. Private Sale.

    Trade interests (WTT): No trade interests at this time. Trying to fund another project.

    ***Note: The fine print…

    1. I am well aware of the true value of this offering.
    2. I am not in desperate need to “cash out”.
    3. I have not lost my job.
    4. I don’t owe a large tax bill.
    5. I am not getting a divorce.
    6. I don’t have some pending large debt that needs paid.
    7. My vehicles are all in good working order.
    8. This item is already priced fairly and unrealistic offers won’t be entertained or responded to.
    9. I am reporting the current condition and history of the firearm as it is known to me.
    10. This is not a garage sale and I am not “a bottom dollar kinda guy.” The ad clearly states what my fair asking price is. If you want to know what I will take for my listing, make an offer and don’t expect me to guess your personal finances and limitations.
    11. I understand all offers are CASH OFFERS in US dollars. I don’t take checks, credit cards, or layaways.
    12. Unless this ad states otherwise, I am not interested in any other trades at this time.
    13. If trade interests are noted, those are the only trades I am considering at this time.
    14. This is a private sale, so Sales Tax is not being collected.
    15. I own several American-made, large SUV’s that drain the $3/gallon gas, so driving all around Indiana to make you a deal is not in my future.
    16. I won’t be bumping with “A NEW LOWER PRICE every few days.”
    17. All sales are final upon completion of the transaction.
    18. No warrantees or guarantees are implied or conveyed from the Seller.
    19. I don’t care if you pay full price, you will still need a DL, LTCH, and sign a receipt when the transaction is complete. This is for your safety and my security. I don’t care where you live, but your DL and LTCH will match. I take your Name, DOB, INGO ID, and LTCH # for the receipt. I get a copy and you will as well. I do not submit my receipt to anyone and it is for my eyes only.
    20. INGO is a reputable site and I appreciate the opportunity to buy, sell, and trade goods on here. I will not place my account, standing, or conscious in jeopardy to cut corners or bypass any current laws in the completion of this transaction. INGO is not an avenue to pass legal firearms into the hands of suspect individuals.

    I am offering a good quality item at a fair market price. For those of you that have dealt with me in the past, you will agree that I am a stand-up guy. If any of this somehow offends you…I understand and we probably should not be doing business together as a result. I hope we can come to a mutually beneficial deal.
    Thanks again.
    hunt3rsd3n <><

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    Sat Bump.
    hunt3rsd3n <><

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