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    Hi-Standard Double-Nine LongHorn W-101 Nickel-Plated 9-shot .22cal SA Revolver


    For sale or possible trade, a Hi-Standard Double-Nine Longhorn (model W-101) .22 caliber single-action revolver.

    • Nickel Plated Finish
    • 9-shot
    • .22 Short, Long, & Long Rifle (they did make .22 Magnum swap-able cylinders for these as well)
    • 5-1/2" barrel length
    • Single-Action only
    • Drift-adjustable rear sight
    • Black plastic grips with medallions
    • Perfectly safe to dry-fire, according to the manual (recessed chambers) (I don't have a manual or box for this, but I read the manual online).
    • Comes with a well-used cowboy-style leather holster

    I have no idea of the round count, but it looks like it's been well-used. The finish has wear in different spots. It's definitely a shooter, not a safe queen. The bore looks great.

    It functions 100%, and is a joy to shoot. Like I said above, they made 22mag replacement cylinders for these; if you can find one then you can swap it out and shoot 22mag through this gun.

    I'm selling this for a friend, he may be interested in trading for a derringer type pistol, 38 special or larger.

    $250 FTF in the New Castle, Muncie, Anderson area.

    I'll need to see a LTCH and drivers license.

    Thanks for looking!

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