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    North American Arms Cap & Ball Mini Revolvers

    North American Arms Cap & Ball Mini Revolvers

    Selling for a family member.

    Round count is unknown, pretty sure never fired. This comes from a collector who rarely if ever fired most of his firearms.

    Mostly in good condition. A few of the small limited editions have a little surface rust on the front sight. I put oil on it and will try to get it off soon. Price will reflect.

    Medium Size:
    3x Limited Edition $275 each
    1x Regular $180 each

    Small Size:
    4x Limited Edition $275 each or $200 each if one with minor surface rust
    1x Regular $180 each

    Each comes with an accessory pack containing powder measure, rounds, pressing tool?.

    Also have extra accessories for sale. Will discuss price. picture soon.

    Willing to do deal for entire package.

    Higher resolution images:

    Lower resolution images:
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    Bump Feel Free to make an offer.

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