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    Smith & Wesson 3913 (Fort Wayne area - will travel)

    ​* SOLD *


    For sale is a Smith and Wesson 3913 with three magazines and no box. Spectacular CCW firearm from before plastic took over the world!

    The firearm is in very good condition with only signs of limited use and some handling marks (three small nicks on frame near grips - see pics). The roll marks are crisp. Grips are in good shape and the trigger pull very smooth.

    Willing to meet within an hour(ish) of Fort Wayne though my schedule is not always the most flexible.

    Cash is king but might consider trades even or cash either way for:

    Colt SP-1
    Marlin JM or very recent production Lever Action Rifles (357/44/45-70/?)
    Marlin 39a
    300 BO Pistol

    Please do not be offended if I don't have interest in your trade offer....

    Buyer MUST be legal to possess a firearm and show LTCH and Indiana Drivers License.

    Contact via PM with questions or request for specific photographs. Please do not bump the ad!

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    Iíll take it

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