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    S/W 10-6 model revolver, .38 sp., beautiful nickel finish, 4" barrel, 6 rds.

    Sold $375
    S/W 10-6 model revolver, .38 special, beautiful nickel finish, 4" barrel and 6 rds.
    Comes with both the original grips & new Hogue Rubber Square Butt Rubber Monogrip grips (Hogue on gun presently).
    Also comes with a gun bag & nylon clip holster with belt loop also.
    Freshly cleaned and oiled and ready to go to the range.

    Sights: Blade front sight, notched rear sight.
    I painted the blade front sight with fluorescent gun paint so I could see it.
    If you don't prefer it the red, you can take it off with solvent.

    The cylinder is tight and the bore spotless.
    It shot wonderfully with my old trifocalled eyes in D/A as well as S/A (range pics below).
    I picked this up to replace a more expensive home defense gun, the Ruger GP100 .357 magnum Wiley Clapp ed. that just sat in the drawer.
    Since then I picked up a Kimber K6 .357 magnum that doubles for a CC & a home defense gun, so I don't need this classic S/W anymore.
    This gun needs to be shot at the range: it makes me look like a better shot than I am.

    Must have LTCH & IN license.
    I live in Wanamaker (SE Indy, outside E465).

    1st of a few range trips.
    I forgot to label the distances on these targets.
    Upper right = 40' S/A on a Rest
    Upper left = 30' S/A on a Rest
    Middle = 20' S/A on a Rest
    Lower right = 20' S/A free-hand
    Lower left = 20' D/A free-hand
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    Accurate even for these old eyes.

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    Weekend price reduction.

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