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    Thompson Center Contender frame

    Was on a Super 16 .223 rig w a 12X scope.
    Prev owner prairie dog rig.
    Trigger very light.
    Per Bellm. When this is done they bump off very easy, just nature of the beast.

    About Your T/C Contender Trigger Job

    Since it is a hammer gun, and the bump off at reset- not cocking, it's not a safety issue (other than being light trigger when cocked).
    So, this frame for somebody wanting a light trigger frame.
    One reportedly could stone the sear notch to deepen it and add weight back.
    I'm used to light triggers so bought it and left it.
    Pushing on side of trigger fwd when closing keeps it from bumping off.

    Just passing the info, full disclosure.
    Had thoughts of converting to .22rf for a wicked squirrel rifle but really only shoot pineys and have something that would do the job the twice a yr I go.

    $250 Kokomo

    IN DL and LTCH

    No trades

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