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    good stuff!

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    My M&P9 FS has a perfect reset (for me) right out of the box. I shot a friends .45 FS and personally the reset was horrible (for me).

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    its very important and IMHO is the biggest downfall to the M and P's trigger. the apex sears while VERY VERY nice almost eliminate what little feel there is in an M and P... also my biggest complaint. and only complaint.

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    Doesn't bother me any.

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    I think the felt reset is largely a training and target shooting issue. I know when I'm running a gun hard I don't feel the reset, even though I am still releasing to it. It's when I slow down for the extra precision that I feel the lack of positive reset, and it bugs me.

    Really, once I changed to aftermarket triggers in all my M&P's, I don't notice it quite as bad.

    Having said all that, I definately think it's a worthwhile addition, if there aren't any downsides.


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    Quote Originally Posted by dbd870 View Post
    Doesn't bother me any.
    It doesn't bother me a bit either. I have a 2007 date m&p with probably 2k rounds through it. The trigger has gotten lighter after more rounds put through it. I haven't even compared or noticed any reset issue with it. Noticeably with my 40c that I picked up within the last year the trigger is still gritty as hell with only 500 or so rounds through it.
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    Flork, The RAM is something I might consider getting because of its benefits.


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    Reset is for practice.

    I notice it during practice at the range and dry fire but doubt it would be a factor if SHTF. Ask any LEO or soldier if he/she noticed reset during a firefight. I admit it is one of the first things I point out to a new shooter to help with accuracy.
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    I put an Apex sear in my M&P 40c, and the reset is fine to me. Actually, I didn't have a problem with it before I changed it out, but the pull is lighter and smoother now, and that matters a heck of a lot more to me than reset. I shoot my M&P better than any Glock, due to the shorter trigger reach allowing me to get a better finger on the trigger. No "low, left" with my M&P, but I have to really focus harder when shooting a Glock at speed, to avoid "low, left." I think ergonomics and trigger reach have more to do with how easy a pistol is to shoot well than any reset issue.

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