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    hWm .38 special/ .357 mag

    Just got one of these for a good deal, seems like a decent little snubby. anybody know anything about them? Made in Germany. imported by EAA, Cocoa, FL. I've never heard of hWm. Papa Google says it's a "windicator."

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    European American Arms Windicator Basic. Good economical revolver that seems to be reliable if maintained. The action, finish and balance is not the best but it is a good revolver that locks up good and is not all that bad for a self defense firearm for a medium budget. They have a great customer service if needed but not too often required. Overall, I would give it a .
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    Yes... EAA makes nothing, imports everything. Tanfoglio, as one example. I swore off anything imported by EAA after dealing with their single tech-support gunsmith. There was a concerted effort on the CZ-clones sub forum of CZForums to petition Tanfoglio to dump EAA due to their poor customer service.

    All that said, the Windicator is actually made by these folks:


    The reputation of the manufacturer is very bad over here, at least by forum standards, but folks that have owned them seem to like them. Think in terms of Rossi/HiPoint.

    I've got a revolver from these guys in .32S&W Long that I'm preparing to gift to a non-gun-owning friend. Nothing at all wrong with it... it shoots great. Just not something I need or use and the current perception of these guns is such that there is no real value. I've had mine for probably 15 years.

    I'm sure yours will be fine. Enjoy.
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    Question Hermann Weihrauch

    I have one of these also in 38/357 surprisingly accurate for snub nose, would love to purchase a longer barrel and wooden grip. Is anyone aware of where I possibly a could get these or if they are even available. Thank you so much for your help. Earl

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