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    Backup gun: Revolver or Semi Auto?

    I sincerely hope I'm not crossing the line of friendly discussion to heated debate, but I've had a question nagging at my mind for some time now, and I have to ask. I know there are pros and cons to both, but in experience, which provides a better all around back up weapon: a semi-auto, or a revolver?
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    Personal preference. Whichever YOU would feel more comfortable with.
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    What LoveMachine said. What fits your needs. One caliber is usually a good idea.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lovemachine46147 View Post
    Personal preference. Whichever YOU would feel more comfortable with.
    Good advise. Also, depends on the mission. Your reference to a back up gun would indicate that you are carrying a main weapon. In this case the back up gun would serve in a case where you were disarmed or some other catastrophic event happened where the main gun was no longer an option. At this point, fighting for you life, trying to be too cute could be disastrous. Immediate access, speed, and accuracy are paramount. Whether it be pocket carry, ankle holster, or some other form of back up, I'd recommend something that doesn't take unnecessary motor skills, reducing the sequence to draw, point, and fire your weapon of sufficient caliber to stop the fight. Just my .02 cents, I'm sure you'll get a zillion recommendations on the best gun. Like most of us, you'll figure it out by trial and error.

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    If I carry a semi auto as a primary I tend to carry a semi auto as a BUG, with revolvers I tend to carry a revolver. No real reason to do it that way...just the way I do it.
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    If it makes sense chose a smaller version of the primary weapon.

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    I carry a S&W 642 Airweight 38spl in a Galco Ankle Glove holster. Very fast draw from ankle while in my car, don't have seat belt, etc in the way.

    The same caliber statements makes sense too, however I carry a 45acp. Thought about a small auto instead of my S&W, but change=doom...right?

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    Answer = Yes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chevy2 View Post
    If it makes sense chose a smaller version of the primary weapon.

    This, especially for those with a Glock for a primary (or other semi auto where the smaller models can accommodate the mag from the larger primary, carry the compact or subcompact of the same caliber, and be able to share mags, etc.

    If it's possible for a revolver I would do the same with models of gun that can share speed loaders, etc.

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    I actually prefer small j frame backups. Easier to maintain control in a FUT (F*ucked up tangle) and will not jam like an auto would. Now if they consistently would make one in 9mm.......

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