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    1924 Model revolver with Pearl handles

    I am looking for any information you might have for this 1924 model revolver with Mother of Pearl handles. It has writting down the barrel, Manuel Escodin Eibar Spain. On the side of the barrel it has, 32 Winchester CTG. It is also nickel plated with fancy scrolling all over entire gun. I would greatly appreciate any information you may have about it. Thank you..

    I have pictures, but not sure how to post them just yet..

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    There is not much information around about these old beauties. I believe they are called Escodin Model 31. Made by the arms factory in Eibar, Spain. Servicable revolvers, but many thousands of them were made and they were the standard service sidearm for the Spanish police in 38 special. many were imported several years ago, and many of those were not safe to shoot. Of course it is chambered in .32-20, but I would stick with low power pistol loads, or cowboy loads. don't shoot the high velocity rifle rounds in it.
    Nice guns, but there just isn't much information on spanish revolvers.

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