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    Help! Browning BuckMark jams like a......

    Ladies and gentlemen my father and I have a browning BuckMark that is 10 years old and has had no telling how many thousands of rounds ran through it. Unfortunatley it has developed a nasty habit of not ejecting a spent casing or not properly loading a new round, old casings are getting jammed in the slide and you cant shoot 10 rounds through it without at least 5 jams! I have cleaned the gun several times and lubed all the friction points with remoil and tried several types and brands of ammo. The gun is no longer enjoyable to plink with and is leaving a bad taste in my mouth with Brownings as the gun has always jammed to some degree. Has anyone had similiar experience with the BuckMark? Any suggestions?

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    Probably a little too obvious, but have you tried a new/different magazine?

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    we have two that came with the gun and one that was purchased later. I have not purchased/tried new mags and do not know anyone who has one that i can borrow. I know that my old man did leave the mags loaded and sitting in the closet so perhaps the springs have just gotten weak? Do you think that a weak mag spring could effect ejection of spent casings? thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by protongun View Post
    Do you think that a weak mag spring could effect ejection of spent casings?
    No, once the bullet loads successfully and fires, the magazine shouldn't be a factor. I doubt both magazines would go bad at exactly the same time, so I think you can eliminate that possibility. It was just an initial thought. Good luck...

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    with no telling how many rounds feed through it ...

    I would suggest going to your local gunsmith have him polish the feed ramp...(feeding problem)
    and have him replace the spring in, if not the entire ejector .
    the spring in an older mag like that will ware out also if you leave them loaded ...youy may wanna check into new mags or atleast fresh springs for the mags you have .

    numrich is a good online place to look for hard to find parts
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    Sounds like the ejector is not getting enough hook on the case. If there is a spring under the ejector replace it. Also new mag springs would be a good idea if they that old. I would not mess with feed ramp until you have the feeding and ejecting sorted out unless it is really rough.

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    Try tightening all the screws as tight as they will go, even the grip screws, the gun will not function with any of them loose, This was always the first suggestion for any buckmark ftf issue, I have one about the same age, and have experienced the same thing. But not any more !! they are one of the most reliable 22 semi auto out there. The only other suggestion I have is CCI stingers do not shoot well at all, they are a hair longer and get tangled with the bottom of the ramp. Good luck


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    Do a detail strip of the entire gun, which is surprisingly easy. Here is a link to a Rimfire Central article on detail stripping the weapon: Dissecting a Buck Mark - Forums

    Scrub and lubricate everything that could possibly move on the weapon. I would also suggest replacing any spring that you can.

    Re-assemble the gun, and make sure everything is nice and tight. Make sure all the screws are good and snug.

    I wouldn't look at the magazine if it's mangling cases and failing to eject. I'd wager it's more a problem with the extracter. Make sure it's very well cleaned and oiled.

    One more thing: You can't hate on a .22 for jamming. That's something damn near all of them do on occasion.

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    +1 on what TheAutomator said. Have you ever tried to remove the barrel & reseat it again. I would try a good cleaning first.

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    Need a breakdown drawing on the Buckmark?

    I have a Browning Buckmark I purchased new about twenty years ago and have never has any issues with it. You can go to Welcome to Numrich Gun Parts Corp. and they will probably have the replacement parts you need. I have a breakdown drawing in PDF format if anyone needs one. Just send me an email and I will attach and send back.

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