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    Thumbs up Review: Beretta Nano 9mm

    Beretta Nano 9mm Range Report and Review:
    I had the chance to take my brand new Beretta Nano 9mm to the range yesterday and thought I’d give you my first impressions. I was shooting on the 7-8 yard pistol range for the tests:

    Overall, this pistol exceeded all of my expectations. I used a variety of 9mm ammo which I frequently shoot for target practice and for my personal defense.
    I started with Winchester 115gr FMJ:

    First mag:
    Second and Third Mags:

    Fourth mag:

    The Nano had zero failures of any nature. No failures to load, eject, the slide stayed back on every empty mag, and the pistol has no magazine safety so it shot fine with a round in the chamber and no magazine in the firearm. I think this is an awesome carry piece as it truly has very smooth sides where there is nothing to snag or catch on holsters or clothing. It was certainly nothing like shooting an LCP, DB9, or other snappy pistol that hurts your hand when shooting and practicing at the range. I never felt I needed gloves or a Hogue grip to lighten the impact, even though it was a bit cool outside. It was a pleasure to shoot it with terrific reliability. It ate every type of ammo I fed it, and I couldn’t tell any noticeable difference from various loads I shot.
    I also shot Federal 115gr FMJ and Winchester 124gr FMJ:

    The personal protection ammo I used was Winchester 147gr JHP and Hornady Critical Defense:

    Comes with two (2) metal, 6 round magazines
    Usable, adjustable 3-dot sights (unfortunately not night sights from the factory)
    Pleasure to shoot and easy to be accurate right out of the box
    Very reasonably priced, particularly for a Beretta.
    A little thinner than my Glock 27 with the single stack design.
    Take down and cleaning is very simple.
    Excellent trigger, I'd compare it closely to the Glock (I know some may not see this as a pro, but I do).

    May be a little too big for pocket carry. I’m not sure it can really be considered a pocket or mouse gun.
    No options right now for an extended magazine. Some may not like having their pinky hang off the grip when shooting.

    I compared it to my Glock 27 to give a prospective:

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    Great write up! As a Glock owner, I appreciated the comparison to the subcompact.

    How was the trigger pull? One of my biggest issues with smaller handguns is a long pull. Just curious how this gun's trigger compared to your G27.

    Again, great review and good shooting!

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    I felt it was about the same as my G27 in terms of force. Maybe a tad bit longer pull, but nothing as long as the LCP for example.

    As I shoot it more, I hope to be able to give more details.

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    Nice pistol, and great shooting. I just hate the name...Nano
    It is better to be" Thought a Fool" then to open one's mouth and take away all doubt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2cool9031 View Post
    Nice pistol, and great shooting. I just hate the name...Nano
    Thanks. I agree, I don't love the name. Especially considering its not really the smallest on the market. But I do love the Beretta part of the name. I've been nothing but pleased with the quality and performance of the Beretta's I've owned.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2cool9031 View Post
    Nice pistol, and great shooting. I just hate the name...Nano
    It's better than calling it the Itty Bitty.
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    I very much appreciate your review. I have been holding off on a new mini nine until I could play with one of these.

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    Very nice review! hanks!
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    Thanks for that review. As a Beretta fan, I would normally be a lot jealous but since I have one on order that should be in any day now, I am only a little jealous!!!!

    It will be interesting to compare it to my PM9 which as I have written many times, is my almost constant pocket companion.

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    Now to find a good holster for it. Options are limited right now. I carried mine in an IWB generic holster something like this:

    I plan to get something else once some options open up.

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