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    Best hand guns for under $300?

    hi all,
    if your on a budget like me and looking for info on what handgun to buy here is a list i found when googled "best handguns under $300" This would be my first and only self defense handgun.
    Of course i cannot validate the reliability of the source and cannot speak from experience since i have not fired any of these listed. I'm curious though about what others think and if any opinions, advice or further info feel free to comment.

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    I'd probably suggest a Taurus 85 ultra-lite or a S&W 637 airweight.

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    It is probably impossible to get a gun that most will agree they would use to save their life for $300. So your goal is to get as close as possible and get a caliber that you can afford to shoot a couple thousand rounds through to get familiar and good with.

    You have entered into the realm of two different huge debates. One is would you stake your life on a cheap gun. The other is do you want to use a 9mm (which is cheap enough to shoot a lot of) to stop someone. There are endless threads debating both of these topics. I will assume you are set on the $300 and that also means you need to get a gun that is low-cost to shoot.

    Many won't agree, but you won't get much consensus on your question so here goes ... the Hi-Point 9mm will give you a caliber that is low-cost enough for you to shoot often and get good at (the most important thing about this decision is to get a gun you will shoot the hell out of and get VERY familiar with) and give you a gun a lot of people are familiar with. There is a ton of debate over whether this is a good enough gun to depend on in self-defense ... I'll let you read for hours on that question.

    Go to for tons of info --- Hi-Point Pistols - Hipoint Firearms Forums
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    kel-tec and taurus both make good handguns for under $300
    you can also find some used smiths about that price.

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    I bought a used Smith and Wesson 5906 for a little more than your budget but you can find them cheaper. I love this gun, dont know if that is what you are looking for but may want to consider it.
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    Keltec I would consider these the best value for their money. Definetly many "better" guns out there, but they are your best bang for the buck. I have a PF9 that I carry most days in a nemisis pocket hoslter. Also have a P3AT for even smaller but usually not needed. Also had a P11 but it was just a little too bulky for pocket carry. The PF9 and P11 worked great, no failures of any sort for hundreds of rounds. The P3AT was finicky on ammo, no wad cutters.

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    There's a ruger auto-loader that usually sells used for about that.

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    Ruger LCP
    Kel-Tec P11, PF9, P3AT, P32

    The finish on the Kel-Tecs might not be as nice as some more expensive pistols, but they'll go bang every time.

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    There isn't a gun on that list that I would trust with my life. Some are fine for plinking but not for self defense. Explore the used market and get a caliber that you can afford to shoot. I would say minimum of 9mm but that is debatable. If you plan on carrying then make sure it is of a size and weight you are comfortable carrying. The Hi Points are boat anchors but some will swear by their depenability. Bear in mind that you will easily run through $200-$300 or more worth of ammo before you are proficient with any weapon that you choose. Training classes and holsters will also add additional costs but are really needed. Good luck with your search.

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