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    Charter Arms Big Dawg

    I was working at the gun store yesterday and was browsing through a distributor website seeing if there were any good deals going on and just happened to look through charter arms and saw this being advertised. Yesterday was the first I had heard of or seen that Charter Arms is making this handgun. Can't find anyone with one in stock but they said arriving soon. All I could think was "ohhh great".......Looks like they are remaking the Thunder 5 folks. Personally it looks like something out of Robocop (which it is) and its hideous.

    Charter Arms Big Dawg 410/45lc 2" Bl - Livengood Outdoors

    ZX Gun

    Thats just a few places I saw advertising them.

    Here is the only picture I could find.

    If this is a repost I appologize, didn't find anything in the search

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    So the Taurus Judge with a hammer?

    EDIT: it's midnight, I'm tired. The Judge has a hammer already. Would rather correct myself than delete my comment.
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    they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
    Quote Originally Posted by Suprtek View Post
    Cowbell is bacon for the ears.

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    Seems like everyone wants to get on the 45/.410 bandwagon.
    It is better to be" Thought a Fool" then to open one's mouth and take away all doubt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2cool9031 View Post
    Seems like everyone wants to get on the 45/.410 bandwagon.
    A bandwagon designed to separate people from their money. Too many compromises methinks....

    I have a home defense gun that shoot shotgun rounds. It is called a shotgun.

    And I have a handgun that shoots man-stopping 45 ACP.

    However, I do not plan to let them get together and make a baby.

    Somebody asked me what I gun I carried. And I was like..."Duh! The loaded one."

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