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    sig p290rs or s&w shield

    I'm thinking of buying one of these in 9mm. witch one do you think is the better gun. I'm not worried about price.

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    I really love my Sig P-290, but I also plan on buying a Shield when they become more readily availably!! But my Sig cost me $405.00 delivered with the holster case and two mags with the laser! of of Auction Arms!

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    Take a look at this video: [ame][/ame]

    The P290 appears to be heavy and thick. I had a Shield 9mm and now have a Shield .40 cal. The P290 reminds me of the PX4 and Nano. I was originally interested in these until I held them and saw their size. I'm wearing the Shield now in a belly band in the house and I can barely feel it. The Shield is only 1"wide and light weight. Go to YouTube and look at gun reviews.

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    I've shot the Shield, didn't float my boat a whole lot.

    Only fondled the 290 (but I've done it a lot). The 290 definitely is beefier and heavier, but it feels better in my hand. Bout the only thing about the 290 is that the trigger has to be ALL THE WAY back, which if you have long fingers I could see being a problem.

    Overall though, 290.

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    I have held both guns and the 290 feels good in the hand, heavy but good and solid.

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    I hated the trigger on the sig 290 (too long)..... i ended up finding a sig 938 and love it!!! u have to pay more, but it is worth it. this gun is amazing.

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    I didn't like the trigger on the original Sig 290, but the 290RS trigger is much improved. I carry one very often. It's not really a pocket carry, though.
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    I have shot the shield its NICE! been thinking about picking one up only problem is finding them in stock...

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    Haven't tried that model Sig but I can say I LOVE my M&P Shield. Shoots great, so easy to carry, very good price point. What more could you want? My primary carry is still my Glock 19 but this gun is great for those times where I want something a little smaller.

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    I have called all around and no one has any in stock .

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