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    I think the more I read about this, the more I'm starting to side with HK or at least understanding better why they do what they do.
    I just want to learn the truth about all this. If that's even possible.

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    They hate us so much when someone calls and asks if they will make a colored frame for a group buy they say YES!

    Just one small example on how most people are so wrong about thinking HK does not care!

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    Will some of you saying yes HK hates us please throw out some examples for the rest of us that are apparently in the dark?
    INGO has an excellent resource for safety recalls. Check it out:

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    I'm conpletely in the dark.
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    When people say this about H&K they are referencing a work of satire that was originally posted on THR, you can read it here:
    HK. Because you suck. And we hate you. « Monster Hunter Nation

    The sad things is most of what is written is true. H&K caters too their military and police clients before they care the slightest about their civilian market. Personally I don't care, they are a business and can run their business however they want. That and my experience with H&K weapons has been nothing but stellar - unfortunately that is limited to the USP and MP5.

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    Buy American. There are plenty of great choices.
    “We must hang together, gentlemen…else, we shall most assuredly hang separately.” – Benjamin Franklin

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    Quote Originally Posted by jgreiner ***Phone Number Hidden*** (See Rules for more info)af3dc2d9a4838b54e&p=3506374#post3506374" rel="nofollow">View Post
    Buy American. There are plenty of great choices.
    In terms of quality semi-auto handguns, there are like 2 US companies in the top 7 or 8 that are worth buying, and they are at the bottom of the list imo. Thankfully Smith released the M&P line, or they wouldn't have made the list either.

    Unordered list:

    • H&K (German)
    • Sig (Swiss/German)
    • Glock (austrian)
    • CZ (czech)
    • Beretta (itallian)
    • Smith & Wesson (US)
    • Springfield (US)

    I'm all for buying local to support our own economy, but frankly when it comes to weapons I'm going to buy whoever gets the job done best. Hell, even most of the American companies have their major components machined elsewhere.

    Ruger's offerings, both recent and older (SR series, P85+), don't really compare with the rest of that list. The older smiths, 5906 etc, don't either. the only offering Colt really has is the 1911.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 01deuce ***Phone Number Hidden*** (See Rules for more info)af3dc2d9a4838b54e&p=3505836#post3505836" rel="nofollow">View Post
    They hate us so much when someone calls and asks if they will make a colored frame for a group buy they say YES!

    Just one small example on how most people are so wrong about thinking HK does not care!
    I'm in on that, looking forward to delivery, sweet deal!
    I'm very happy with HK!
    What chains can hold belongs to man, the rest belongs to God! - Joshua Gianavel

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    Does HK hate us?
    In my experience, yes.
    I had a HK USPc
    There was no trigger kit available for it, even though they had kits for the USP...
    Extra magazines were practically nonexistent...
    And very expensive...
    If you could find magazines, you couldn't get the ones with the flat base plate...
    And if you called HK to get a flat base plate (easy change out) they wouldn't even talk about it...

    I sold it.

    Now, to be fair, that was 5 or 6 years ago, so they may be doing better now.
    But, I don't care to try the waters a second time.
    Shop smart. Shop S-Mart.

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    but does anyone else here think HK could careless about us and our gun rights?
    Now is the time when we look to our elders who will tell us of the dark days of 1989 when the entire American gun industry was actively driving the bus over us but a German, yes a German, gun company was the only ones standing at our side.

    If only our elders had told us of this before.

    Civil forfeiture: steal from the poor, give to the corrupt.

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