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Thread: Tisas 1911

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    Tisas 1911

    TISAS Classic 1911-A1 45ACP 5" GI BLACK $399.00 SHIPS FREE

    Anyone play with one? Its not for me, I like my Springfield and am not looking to expand my stable. A friend wants a GI-esque 1911 mostly just to play with. He's not looking for a serious weapon to carry, just a range toy that will run fine and not be a PITA.

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    First I've heard of this make, but I did just pick up a CZ 75 clone that is of Turkish manufacture, and I have found the materials and workmanship to be quite good.
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    These entry level 1911's are a dice roll....some run....some do not. Check out the customer service before getting involved. He may need it.

    I just brought another Springer home myself. Was not looking but we all know how that goes.

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    The price is good. As mentioned earlier, check out the reveiws from owners. I found this IAC 70 series Tisas Turk review - 1911Forum looks hopeful.

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    First I've heard of them, too.
    Looks like they run a 9mm "sport" version ported.
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    Well it has been a few weeks since this thread was started. Any INGOer's with first hand experience with one of these 1911's?
    INGO has an excellent resource for safety recalls. Check it out:

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    The guy working for the place selling them sure likes them, that's gotta mean something.....right?

    I have read several articles about this company, nice modern factory. A computer can cut out just as good a part in Turkey as anywhere else. A couple good programmers, a couple good QC guys and a warehouse full of idiots and you can build quality parts.

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    I think the consensus regarding 1911's is that you get what you pay for.

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    Tisas is a Turkish company.

    Here's a thread from 2008 (!) when I was thinking about one of their 45s:

    p.s. I didn't not buy it due to fear of not being able to find spare parts. (wish I had, however, that pistol was made for my hand!)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Liberty1911 View Post
    I think the consensus regarding 1911's is that you get what you pay for.
    Guns, like most things, when it comes to quality relative to price, are subject to the principle of diminishing returns. The farther up the price scale you go the smaller the improvements get per dollar, untill eventually further improvements are so costly no one wants to pay for them.

    If I were in the market for an entry level 1911 I don't think I would be afraid of one of these.

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