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    Makarov Question

    I've picked up a couple of new toys in the last few weeks, a Bulgarian Makarov PM and a Polish P83.

    Both are real good shooters and I'm planning on using the PM for EDC, but I do have a ammo question.
    Does anyone know if it's safe to use +P loads in these firearms?

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    Can't say about .380+P for the CZ83, but I wouldn't advise +P 9x18 for the Mak. It's an old gun, and what would be the point, anyway? You might pose this question on the Makarov forum: The Makarov Forum

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    I think I've heard of +P being fired through Makarov guns fine... I'm not sure about the PM specifically. Kagnew probably had it said best with viewing the Makarov forum though, I'd include specifics on the brand of ammo and everything else. Additionally, make sure your bore and everything is in top notch condition. If you have any doubts, probably better not to shoot +P from it in the first place

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    For you consideration: Buffalo Bore 9x18 +P 95gr JHP 9or 115gr FN . They say they used in EG Makarov and CZ-82 with no-ill effects or excessive wear.

    Still IIRC, the Russians themselves issued a higher pressure round for the PMM (redesigned / upgraded Makarov PM) but shy'd from it due to concerns of the high pressure round finding its way into the older PM pistols.

    I decided not to buy the Buffalo Bore rounds, just because I'm a cheap SOB and figured I'd just let loose of another 95gr Hornady XTP I had on hand instead of buying the hotter round.
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    As I asked (regarding +P ammunition), what's the point?

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