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    Remington R-51 at SHOT (Video)

    I know we have three dozen threads on INGO on the Remington R-51, but here it is the wild, live on video from SWAT magazine.

    I would buy it . . . if it was available in a different caliber.
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    It's a lot larger than I previously thought. I can't see the need for a large 9mm with only 7 round capacity.


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    Manatee, I was thinking the same thing. Either the Remington guy has real small hands or the R-51 too large for its intended purpose. I'll stay with my M&P's.
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    Other than it looks a little spacy I like it. It is light and holds 7+1. It isn't like so many of the small guns that you can't hold on to. Also it is reasonably priced. I really want to hold one and see just how they feel in your hand before I decide to get one or not. Then again I have never been one to carry a 18 round hand gun. If you have to have 18 rounds to get it dun you are in real trouble. Your going to need more than a hand gun. Like a couple of friends with some serious fire power. The Glock 36 I carry only holds 7+1. That is also the same as my 1911 45.

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    I think the guy is just really little. It's in the same size class as the Shield and XDS.

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    I think the 51 would make a nice carry gun, im always up for anything that looks odd. Though i wouldn't carry this CCW, i open but i think this might make a nice BUG or primary carry for some. If your into smaller handguns, this might be a better option than the KelTech which i had zero luck with or the ruger that is soso. But im going to stick to my wheel guns, but may pick it up as a plinker if you can disable the grip safety.
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    I like it. Not just another pistol. Interesting action design, not plastic, fixed barrel + good looks. Would like to see one up close with my own eyes and see its selling price.


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