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    Post Have you seen someone hit a target with pistol at 1000 yards?

    If not, watch this video!
    Last edited by cmamath13; 08-05-2014 at 03:52. Reason: Posted as "pistol"... Should have been "revolver" or "handgun", my mistake.
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    If that is the Jerry M video then yes I have. Well sort of.... I have determined Jerry isnt really human.
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    Should provide a lesson in backstop selection, those little pistol bullets will go the distance.
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    He used a red dot, what a cheater

    Farthest I've ever done was 240, 1000 would be pretty fun

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    Jerry Miculek Hits A Balloon At 1,000 Yards With A 9 MM Revolver !

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    The man simply can't be human. There are aliens among us after all.

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    If 42769vette can mortar a rimfire to 400 yards, then I can believe Miculek can toss pistol lead out to 1K..
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    The guy is amazing. Not to take anything away from his shot but he didn't actually hit the balloon. The projectile spalling from his shot is what broke the balloon. Notice he hit a number of inches low left of the actual ballon. Still a awesome shot

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    Practice, practice, practice. He gets a metric butt ton of quality reps in, and is obviously also blessed with some fine eye sight and muscle control.
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    That was a hell of a shot! Leave it to Mr. Jerry Miculek to pull it off.

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