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    Kimber stocking dealers ????

    Anyone know of Kimber stocking dealers close to Indy who might have a TLE 10MM (no rail) in stock ?
    I haven't been in local shops in a while and can't remember anyone who really had a selection of Kimber , especially in 10mm.
    within a hour drive of Indy or less would be better, Gander doesn't get my business they are way too proud of their guns.
    Is it six yet ?

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    We are a Kimber Master Dealer, but we normally don't stock the 10mm pistols. We would be happy to quote you a price and order one for you, but Kimber lead times can be quite lengthy for some items, depending on their production schedule. Kimber just sent us a list of in-stock/ready to ship models, but there were no 10mms listed.

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    Bradis is awesome, but I've seen a LOT of 1911s at Indiana Gun Club. I'm pretty sure they are a kimber shop.

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