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    S&W 12-3 What's it Worth??

    Came across a S&W12-3 on Armslist for $325. Took a chance on it.
    It's a 4"barrel, seems to have been shot very little. There is a fair amount of minor pitting(no rust) on the barrel and cylinder(it's cleaned up pretty good, but not totally). Still, I'd rate the gun around 90%.
    Just wondering about the value on these.
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    $325 seems to be the market price...Mint with box and paperwork would be $450-$500 or so....A nice clean gun with no pitting could go to $400 if someone wanted it...

    You did fine...
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    A 12-3 should be the skinny frame...something to bear in mind if you want to change grips on it
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    Good score! Had one with a 2in BBl, K frame, got away to trade for another. Big loss, hard to find now.
    Good luck, enjoy.

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    Sounds about right. We sold a used 12-2 snubbie in very good condition for $299.95 this morning.

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