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    Quote Originally Posted by bwframe View Post
    Nice butt on that poor lost soul.

    Stupid Glock guy. I guess he can at least run a tiller, knife and canner...
    All at the same time? I'm impressed!
    The intricacies found in the world of firearms
    that I discover each new day, is astounding.

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    So . . . Glock guys make better salsa? Is that what you're saying?

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    Quote Originally Posted by blue falcon View Post
    I love this thread. I love 1911's. I hate plastic pistols.

    (For Churchmouse)

    I used to hate them, plastic pistols...Now I just feel sorry for them...They are plastic you know.....That has to be embarrassing (for the weapons, not the owners) when they are on a line with classic 1911's and vintage revolvers with stag grips.....Like pulling up at a car show of vintage muscle cars in a Honda Accord with a hood scoop, a tail fin, and flames on the side...

    "But Glock's can be cool as well.......See??? I got a Punisher back plate on it and I used a cigarette to stipple my grips...Can I please hang around you geezers???"

    "Sure kid...Come on up...Here...Check this out..."

    "What's that brown looking finish on the grip frame???? Why is the stippling all uniform and sort of pointy... It feels kind of warm and lovely yet seems kind of messed up because there seem to be swirls of different shades of brown..."

    "That's called wood son...It comes from trees...Pretty nice huh? The "stippling" as you call it is actually called checkering......"

    "Who makes these?"

    "God provides the raw materials...Artists like Esmerelda finish them out..."

    "Wow...Is that machined metal???? I thought metal parts were just supposed to be stamped out..."

    "Yes sir that's machined metal..."

    "Cool...So what happens to these 1911's when they wear out???"

    "We don't know yet son...They have only been around a hundred years so it's too soon to tell...I have heard they go to Heaven where John Moses Browning rebuilds them...You see...Even though they can wear out they never lose their soul..."

    "You old guys are so cool...Hey is that a flip phone??? Can I see it? I saw one in a movie the other day but I have never actually held one..."

    "Sure kid...Knock yourself out..."

    IMHO with tongue planted firmly in cheek...


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    Quote Originally Posted by patience0830 View Post
    Thread killing historian.

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    I still care....Really
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    I love you man..............

    And Esmeralda.....
    AKA..Thor. Odin son. God of thunder.
    But you can call me John.....Force.

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    Lol this thread is awesome! And I make a mean salsa while packing a g19!!

    Improvidus Apto quod Victum

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