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    What handgun do you wish existed?

    Hello, have you ever been shopping for a new gun and you find yourself wanting something thats unavailable, or maybe wanting a specific gun in a caliber thats unavailable? I often find that I want to mix up features from a few different guns all into one. I am 10mm fanatic, so I maybe thats why I am always thinking about this because there isn't much to choose from. I wish springfield made a xds in 10mm or glock made a 10mm about the size of the 19 but kept it the thickness of a single stack. I have a dan wesson bobtail in 10mm but I don't like it for every day carry. I also like the fns compact but would give a little capacity for it to be thinner. Also wish there were more 22 magnum auto loaders to choose from. I just find the caliber fun and like the keltec pmr 30 but would like see what another manufacture could come with.

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    Scandium J frame S&W in 9mm. I'm told there were some made but I think they were all purchased by unicorns.
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    I want one like they use in the movies that never runs out of ammo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by indykid View Post
    I want one like they use in the movies that never runs out of ammo.
    Not sure if that firearm or accessory has been subject to a safety recall? Read INGO's Comprehensive Firearm Safety Recall Listing for an easy way to check.

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    I think Ruger ought to do the LCR-X adjustable sight deal in .22 mag.
    That with the fingergroove compact grip..........nice trapping/trail rig.

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    Smith Wesson J frame in .44 special, 3" L frame in .44 special and a shield in .357 Sig

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    Single stack Glock 19 the thickness of the 43. Maybe an M&P the same way.
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    Quote Originally Posted by IndyDave1776 View Post
    ***Phone Number Hidden*** (See Rules for more info)0750&path-prefix=en" border="0" alt="" />
    This, and Winona.
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    Desert Eagle chambered in 357 Automag, Colt 1903 chambered in 9mm. Neither of these is a stretch these days.

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