Poll: Do you use the Glock OEM sights?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BehindBlueI's View Post
    The OEM sights are perfectly serviceable.
    Are police department guns pretty much all OEM sighted?
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    Quote Originally Posted by rhino View Post
    The problem with Glock sights isn't whether they work for aligning the gun with your eyes and the target or not, but that they're plastic and fragile.
    Are all factory glock front sights these days installed using a screw at least?

    I remember back in the day, when they were pressed in, giving a few 'glock perfection' guys a hard time while they were on their hands and knees hunting for their front sights...

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    I don't like the Glock factory sights because they're plastic.
    I also don't like 3-dot sights either. There's too much going on with them, they just confuse me.

    I have the Ameriglo Hackathorn sights on all of my Glocks. Works great, for me.
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    I just put the meprolight bullseye on it. Totally different sight.. but, I'm liking it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bwframe View Post
    Are police department guns pretty much all OEM sighted?
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    I've tried a few different sights on my Glocks (and other pistols and revolvers) and I prefer the Meprolight Tritium 3-dot night sight set...I used the same set-up on all my Glock's because it gives me the same sight picture on each one. Tritium sights are for low/no light shooting situations...you never know when you might have one!

    I've tried the Trijicon's...and they provided such a small tritium insert that, even in a completely dark room, I had to look for the green sight just to see it...much less try to use it! They wouldn't stand behind their work and replace it...ever again!

    I also like the XS Sights 'standard' dot tritium set-up...I use 'em on my Ruger Revolvers...nice site!

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    I think so much of this is just personal preference for your own situation. If all a guy does is take his precious little pew pew to the range then yeah he'd probably be perfectly happy with the factory sights until they wiggle loose or break which really isn't all that likely. If a guy lived in the city where there's ambient light everywhere then night sights really wouldn't do that much more for him. However take a guy who lives out in the middle of nowhere and if he hears a bump in the night then all he's got is starlight. If you're carrying a sidearm in the woods on a hiking trip in the woods and hears something in the night some night sights would certainly help.

    I've only had one set of factory glock sights fail on me, and in fairness I bought that gun used so who knows how it was treated before it became mine. The adjustable rear sight on a G41 45acp could be drifted left and right by thumb pressure so that particular set of sights had to be upgraded.

    Personally, I used to think night sights were an overpriced unnecessary feature that was just a waste. Maybe I've gotten older and I'm certainly doing more things with my glocks, but I have night sights on all my pistols. Normally, I just consider the cost of upgrading the sights as part of the cost of ownership anymore. Having said that, I don't find any fault in guys who run factory sights. If that's what you like or you don't see any reason to upgrade then just shoot whatever you got.

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    Generally speaking all of my handguns get metal sights installed. Those with factory three dot sights get the "sharpie treatment" to the rears. I have even been guilty of blacking out 3 dot night sights as well. I do have a PPQ that still wears the factory rear plastic sight but has a fiber optic up front instead of the factory original. If this gun was something that would ever see a holster then it to would get metal sights.

    I am am down to one Glock now. It is a Glock 19 that stays in my range bag as a loaner gun. It has a $55 set of Ameriglo CAP sights installed. It replaced a G26 loaner gun that I traded to another guy for the G19, it had factory metal sights. I think those were $30.
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    I had never owned a Glock or used up to date sights until I went to an INGO shoot and was allowed to shoot guns with modern electronic sights. Old age eyesight had made stock sights hard to use but the electronic stuff was a revelation. Bought a Glock 40 MOS with the Trijicon red dot and like it.
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    I can use the Glock OEM sights if needed. However, I am a little faster (or a little less slow) with Warren-Sevigny sights (plain rear, FO front). I replace the factory sights on the handguns that I use the most. The rest of them still have the original sights.

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