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    Really like the XDS 3.3 9mm

    I had a chance to shoot a Springfield XDS 9mm at the range and I must say I like it as much if not a little better than my Glock 43. The gun was very accurate and reliable for the range session I had, probably hardly ever cleaned since it was a rental at Point Blank. It comes with an 8 round extended mag which was very comfortable when shooting. I wasn't all that familiar with the gun until that day but I do really like the added safety feature of the grip safety when holstering the gun.

    I think hands down it is a better feeling pistol for me then the Shield or Kahr. I am a glock lover so it would be hard for me to switch but I can't say I won't.

    Anyone EDC one?

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    I've had mine about 3 years now, and I love it. Accurate and reliable.

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    I have the Xds 3.3 except in .45. I love mine, good shooter, light, and easily concealable.

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    I've got the 4" model and love it. I've taken a few classes with it too. Zero issues so far. I usually have the +2 (9 rd) mag in it with an 8 rd on my belt.

    My dad has the 3.3". I've shot it too and there really isn't much difference. I did a review on the my 4" a while back.

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    Had both the 9 and 45 variants, and actually preferred it over the Shield. When Glock came out with the 43, I transitioned to it. It would be a coin toss between the XDS and 43 on which shoots better for me, however, I prefer the overall feel of the 43.

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    the 4.0" variant would be my preferred, but the 3.3 seems awesome as well.
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    Mine is my EDC and has been for a few years. I do have a PRP trigger spring setup in it. Wasn't too bad to install, makes it shoot a bit better.

    PRP XDS Trigger Spring Kit

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