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    Glock Gen 5 ... I got mine!

    Today Sept 01 I bought a Glock 19 Gen 5 at Phoenix Guns in Columbus.
    They always have a great inventory and had several on hand this week.
    It clearly is a natural evolution of all previous generations, with many improvements you've probably read about.
    Some of the better features: elimination of the finger notches, tapered slide front like a 26, orange magazine follower, beveled mag well, return of the finger cut to help remove the mag. The trigger seems lighter than the Gen 4. The good things about of the Gen 4 continue: RTF2, large mag release button.

    The one questionable or negative change: Slide lock on both sides. For right handlers, you feel the slide lock with your trigger finger when your finger is straight. And it can interfere with some holsters. Probably a nice addition for left handed shooters. I noticed the Gen 5 did not withdrawal as easily from my Patriot holster as my Gen 2. I figured out why. On the Gen 2 the front of the trigger guard is 0.590 wide. On the Gen 5 it is 0.620 wide. So holster tension has to be adjusted.

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    I'm not a Glock guy at all, but picked up a Gen5 19 today as well. Thought I was getting a 17, ended up with a 19 as that's all they had left. Not upset that I ended up with the 19, got it for what I consider to be an ok price. Probably average street price, but Rural King has their 12% cash back on, so I get the 12% on it. Was surprised to see that Rural King had them already, to be honest.

    I'd never really liked Glocks because I didn't like the finger grooves. Guess time will tell how this one works for me, it should pair nicely with my Polymer 80 not a Glock Glock.

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    Tired Of Winning

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    Anyone putting Talon grips on the gen 5's?
    Done, done, and Iím on to the next one...

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    What's the improvement over the G4?
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    Quote Originally Posted by GPIA7R View Post
    What's the improvement over the G4?
    Better barrel. Improved internal safety. Improved trigger. Flared Magwell. Slide bevels on front for holstering, improved timing on the recoil spring, chamged the standard rear sight to make it easier to align the front, no finger grooves, ambi slide stop. More durable finish
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    Quote Originally Posted by GPIA7R View Post
    What's the improvement over the G4?
    There's a lot different on the Gen 5...
    I picked up a G19 Gen 5 w/night sights at Beech Grove Firearms yesterday.

    Slide is now beveled in the front like a 26/27.
    New more durable (and much blacker) finish.
    New barrel with standard rifling (but it's not very deep)
    Barrel has a nice target crown
    Safety plunger is re-designed
    Striker has been re-designed and kinda looks round/tear-drop shaped vs. the blade
    Frame is back to 2 pins like the Gen 1 & 2
    Texture is like the Gen4 but slightly less agressive
    Grip is slightly wider than the Gen4
    Ambi-slide release
    The take down lever has a real coil spring under it vs. the flat metal thingy
    The trigger spring system is re-designed and it takes out the gritty-ness of the old trigger and it feels lighter.
    Trigger reset feels about 25% shorter and it's crisp
    No finger grooves
    Beveled magwell for easier re-loads
    Bottom of the grip is flared slightly on the sides
    Front is the grip has a U-notch at the bottom to help pull out non-drop free mags. Some of my Korean KCI mags don't drop free in the Gen 5.
    The Gen 5 magazines have an orange follower
    The magazine also has a re-designed base plate that's longer in the front

    Did I miss anything??
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    Quote Originally Posted by IndyGlockMan View Post
    Did I miss anything??
    Smooth face trigger.

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    I tried IndyGlockMan's new gen 5 G19 yesterday at the range. I'm not a Glock fan, but I will say that I liked it better than any stock Glock I've ever shot. The trigger was a definite upgrade, the grips felt fantastic without being too aggressive and the slightly flared magwell made mag changes much easier. If you're a Glock fan, it's worth checking out.

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    Don't mind the upgrades, and in fact think most of them are worthwhile. However, I do not like any ambi controls...just me, and I especially don't like the ambi-slide release on a Glock. (No offense meant to lefties.)
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    So glad the finger grooves are gone.....
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