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Thread: Keltec p32

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    Keltec p32

    Just got this handgun and don't know very much about it. Didn't know if y'all could tell me the goods and bass?

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    Small, light, inexpensive, pocket gun.

    A wealth of info here:

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    Awesome thank you!

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    I have one I've used when it just isn't appropriate to carry something larger and as a full time backup other times. The best advice I could give is to shoot it regularly to avoid problems with such things as pocket lint accumulation and other silliness. I've heard some people have problems with rimlock when using hollow points due to the shorter oal but I've never had it happen. My son has carried one longer than I have but mine gets shot more. Neither of us have had any problems of any kind and consider them to be excellent for their intended purpose. Clean it, lube it and shoot it. They're a lot of fun. BTW invest in some 10 round mags also. They make things much more comfortable.

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    I don't have any experience with that pistol but if you plan on carrying it, I wouldn't use hollow points. Just use fmj. You will have a better chance of the bullet penetrating far enough.

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    I have one, and I had a problem with it, but it was my fault.
    I carried one daily for a few months in the summer.
    I carried it inside the waistband.

    i thought, wrongly so, that since it was plastic I wouldn't need to worry so much about rust.
    One day while doing a function check, all of a sudden the trigger would not return.
    On the bottom of the grip there is a small pin that holds the trigger spring.
    The end coil is exposed.

    In my case, the last coil of the trigger spring rusted away and broke off.
    Repairs were simple, and inexpensive, but eye-opening.

    Watch that trigger spring.
    Once replaced, I coated my spring end coil with some clear fingernail polish to help keep the sweat off of it.
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    Well I'm glad to here that! Haven't heard very many good things from people I know. Where do you get ammo at?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bigtanker View Post
    I don't have any experience with that pistol but if you plan on carrying it, I wouldn't use hollow points. Just use fmj. You will have a better chance of the bullet penetrating far enough.
    The hornady XTP in 32acp is surprisingly decent.

    The gold dot isn't bad either.

    I would also recommend giving this a watch, to understand more what you're dealing with today.

    If I had to carry a 32acp, I'd get underwood extreme cavitator ammo for it.
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    NEVER dry fire!
    When u disassemble put index and middle finger on each side of the pin before you pry the pin out!! THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!!
    USE GREASE for lube and slightly heavy!!! NEVER AND ISSUE!!

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    I bought one when they first came out back in 2000, I believe. Shot it for a few months and one day the slide locked back and wouldn't return to battery for anything! Frame appeared slightly bulged out. I sent it back to Kel-Tec on their dime , they fixed it and I still carry it today as a back up in an ankle holster at work. I use the hotter Fiocchi European .32 FMJ in it.
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