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Thread: RIP Ruger SR9

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    Quote Originally Posted by NyleRN View Post
    Not surprising really. Ruger has done this more than once. SP101 in 9mm and PC9. Now SR9. I think they've dump a couple of their LCP or LC9 models too. It's like slinging mud and seeing what sticks. Throw a bunch of products on the market and after a year if sales aren't that great then just discontinue it. Sorry to those that bought into those products cause in 10yrs there won't be any support. Need mag parts? Need replacement springs? "Sorry, we only made that gun for 14 months like 10yrs ago and we don't make any parts for it now."

    and no other brand changes product models and updates

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    And just like that they're baaack! Apparently Sports South placed a large enough order to get Ruger to reissue the SR line.
    Still have the mag disconnect feature and loaded chamber indicator that people hated. But now only the compact models have front slide serations.
    They are being offered at pretty competitive prices. I checked Centerfire Guns website and they have them at $302.

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    Wow... Is their replacement (Security-9) not selling that well? The Ruger American is noticeably more expensive, so it doesn't compete directly. I really like my SR and have no plans to drop it.
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    I had a SR45 for a short time, I remember the takedown being ackward.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KWIndy View Post
    I had a SR45 for a short time, I remember the takedown being ackward.
    Assuming that the 45 is the same as the 9, I found the takedown odd (push down the ejector and remove the pin) but easier than pulling down the very tiny serated tabs while simultaneously pulling back the slide on a Glock. That seems like the equivelent of patting your head while rubbing your stomach. And there's no pulling the trigger.

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    That's a shame. Those are great carry guns and arent bad to shoot either. Just go with a smith sv9 then.

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    Missed out on the Sr9 sale last year at point blank when the full sizes was $300, so I made sure to grab the compact that was on sale this weekend.
    Long term I canít say, but initially this gun punches well above its weight class. I can shoot the SR9c as well as my Glock 17. It points naturally for me and the trigger is pretty good as far as striker fired pistols go.

    it is definitely worth the price of admission.
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    My first ever 9mm full size was a SR9. I really liked that pistol. IMO because the SR9 was not a tacti-cool pistol it never got the traction or recognition that other pistols got. But such is the story of many Ruger pistols.
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    Looks like they're still readily available and prices are low!

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    Quote Originally Posted by rhino View Post
    Looks like they're still readily available and prices are low!
    Yep, $284 for an SR9 with stainless slide or a 9c with black slide. If I saw a 9c at a local gun store for that price I'd probably bite. I'm still regretting selling my 9c to a buddy. I've thought a few times about selling my full size SR9 but just can't bring myself to do it. It'll probably wind up a home protection gun for one of my kids, eventually. I shoot pretty well with my Glocks, which are my carry guns, but I still shoot slightly better with that old SR9, even when I haven't shot it for over a year.

    I'm glad to see they are back. It still compares well to the competition, especially when price is considered, IMO.

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