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    Uhhhgggg....I hate(d) the two-tone G48

    I have NEVER liked the look of black framed guns with stainless slides. However, I have been waiting FOREVER Glock to release a single stack G19. So I HAD to get a G48.

    And then I HAD to get that G48 right over to ZR Tactical to get that slide refinished to how it SHOULD be. Oh...and while I was at it...have it cut for an RMSc.

    .....Much Better.

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    Looks good. I actually like the two tone personally. I finally got to put my paws on one yesterday.
    Iíll be getting one for sure. The specs on paper and all the comparison videos that Iíve seen online comparing it to a 19 donít really do it justice. Once you actually get it in the hand you realize how small it is.

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    Gun looks great!

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    I'm afraid to shoot one of those...
    Done, done, and Iím on to the next one...

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    It looks like it got squashed by an elephant.
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    INGO SUCKS.....

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    Looks great and feels just as great in the hand.

    Highsmith in Greenfield has both 48 and 43x in stock. They are running them about $50 more than what my LGS has them. Iíll wait for some more to come in.

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    Best gun ever.

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    That looks great. The two tone wouldn't stop me from buying one, but I'd rather have it in black.

    I shot one and I liked it but I'm not sure it will fit what I am looking for in a new I'm still thinking...and looking.
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    A dark forest green would have also looked pretty nice, imo... I personally like contrast. However, I too am not a fan of the stainless slide with the black frame on a glock. It just doesn't seem right to me... I think you made a good call, I think it looks much nicer now.

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    I feel the same way. I'm not I to the optics (just my personal preference) but you do have a nice gun there. The "normal" color slide makes all the difference

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