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Poll: 9mm - What's your preferred carry load?

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    I usually mag up 147HST but lately I'm back on the Federal HS 135gr low recoil. My Gen4 19 groups very well with it. Very consistent.
    I figure I'd better hit what I aim at before I worry about how the bullet will perform. Hey, it's Federal HS JHP. How bad can it be?
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    Buffalo Bore +P+ 115 Barnes Tac XP all copper
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    I went with Critical Duty 135 +P several years ago. With my G26 with the Pierce extension (they say 3 round, it's 2) it's very manageable. I have 147gr HSTs in one of my spares (yes, 9mm guy carries two 17 round spares) and 135 +P in the other. If I go more concealed with the Super Tuck and the flush 10 round mag I go with Critical Defense 115gr. HSTs in a 10 round flush mag are a bit much.
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    Hornady Critical Duty 135g.
    It's ok! I'm an INGO member!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leadeye View Post
    I hear a lot of good about the 147 HST, anything extra special other than the weight?
    Manageable recoil, so they say. But more expensive.

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    How about the penetration factor this time of year with heavy clothing aka coats, jackets, etc???
    This inquiry is directed at the experienced members here with actual knowledge...
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    The more you sweat in training the less you bleed in battle.

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    Today's new video on Paul Harrell's channel on YouTube delves into this.

    Warning! Driver carries MORE than $20 in ammunition.

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    Speer Gold Dot.

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    147 HST

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    Other for me, Believe it or not Remington Green and white box jhp. They seem to perform very well for price point, more importantly The function well out of my edc, they are very consistent. and they appear to hit consistently on the target( I did a little Mouse style experiment and bought 3 different boxes from different sources and all performed the same) Also the big one They are readily available in my area and the price point allows for use in training sessions at the range. So for me I figure if I am proficient it will be far more of a factor than ammo selection, fmj excluded of course.

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