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    Looking for a EAA Witness Elite 9mm Match

    Looking for this model Eaa.
    Is there any dealers around indy that carry Eaa?

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    The attached list is from the EAA website. A surprising number of dealers in Indiana if the list is accurate.

    Find a Dealer - European American Armory/USSG

    Edit: I clicked on the previous link I had attached to find it was garbage. I have replaced it with just a link to the "find a dealer". Select Indiana and search. They claim about 75 dealers in Indiana.
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    You may be in for a bit of a hunt if you want to touch before buying. I think I’ve seen 2 steel framed Witnesses in store, typical seems to be the cheaper polymer frames.

    That said, I wouldn’t hesitate to order a match lever or higher Witness.
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    I had a steel Witness find me a few years ago.
    I went to an auction with my brother just to keep him company. I had no intention of buying anything.
    It was an estate sale so it was big, and took a while.

    I saw the Witness when I first got there and to my surprise no-one else showed much interest.
    I don't think I bid against more than one other person.
    We bid back and forth for just a couple of minutes and the other guy gave up.
    I brought home what appeared to be an unfired .45acp steel EEA Witness in the "Wonder Finish".
    It came with one magazine and the plastic box, for $190!
    Dormant U.S.Marine/ NRA Benefactor-Life

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