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Thread: I love Berettas

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    20' 1st time gun has been shot: 16 head, 16 torso.
    The D/A 1st shot I did was nearly dead center with the other 3 D/A
    being almost as close as well: surprised me!
    The other S/A shots were more rapid fire, so it got a little sloppy.
    Very pleased with its function with 4 mags.

    Tomcatt's profile compared to my previous small pocket gun: Ruger EC9s.

    minuscule front sight painted red:

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    I am in to cowboy shooting. I have some beretta stampede six shooters. Love them. I also like beretta shotguns.

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    Ordered Walnut grips last night and an extra magazine.
    Grips were a splurge just for my own enjoyment since noone will see them.
    I'll post a pic at home, but at work and don't have access to imgur.
    Tried using the "insert image" and I'm looking at it, but it will probably disappear or end up with gibberish.

    walnut grips.jpg

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    Got the walnut grips and put the right side on.
    The left side is an issue though, the manual safety keeps the OEM plastic grip from coming off, and evidently you have to take the safety off before you can get the grip off.
    There is a problem with a tiny spring that will go flying through the air, so I'm not going to tackle that tonight: must watch more vids.

    I was at the range and put another 8 rounds into a torso target that I was using the bottom two rows for sighting in my Ruger 10/22, so just ignore those.
    I wrote 12 feet, but it was actually 20 feet. I was tired, hungry and in a hurry: that's my story and I'm sticking to it.
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    Walnut grips came in today for the Beretta Tomcatt, and I put them on.
    Noone will ever see them, but I really enjoy them.
    I got my extra mag for it also.
    There is an issue getting the old grips off b/c the safety is in the way, but the gunsmith at Hoosier Armory told me a short cut where I didn't have to take the safety off (there is a tiny spring you have to watch out for, according to the vids online about it).

    Another range pic on June 20th using D/A & S/A separate at the usual 20', with a D/A & S/A at 12'.
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    Berettas have been a part of my household for a very long time. Model 70S .380 was my motherís. The 92L was my first pistol, gifted to me from my father who purchased it at the Indy gun show in 1995.

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    Those look nice.

    Revere's Riders Instructor - Master Rifle KD, Master Pistol

    NRA Pistol instructor | NRA Rifle instructor | NRA RSO
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    I only have one beretta, semi auto a390 st and I love it. Breaks the clays and drops the doves very nicely! Very smooth and reliable.
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    Today I picked up an M9A3. Pretty happy with how well it functioned and fired. The accuracy was there and I put 150rds through it without a hiccup. The only problem was that while casually tossing my empty onto a table it fell into a hole in it and got stuck down there. I couldnt get it out so next time at that range I'll bring some tools and hope to retrieve it. So, I'd planned to buy extra mags anyway, just 1 less. Now I've got to find a holster for it which hasn't been too easy so far. Otherwise, I'm very happy with the pistol.

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    Good quality thread - Kudos to the op Ignore the snarky post, some feel entitled on this forum

    Yes, I speak Beretta, I have a 92FS that I have five sets of grips for, but I really need to order a set of those Wilson Combat Ultra Thins. I also have a couple Shotguns a ported A390 that I have put thousands of round through, love that gun. My other is a O/U 686 Onyx another fine shotgun

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