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    What's your most enjoyable "small" gun to shoot?

    I finally got to go out to shoot yesterday since being stuck in the house recovering from surgery and it was so refreshing. I took my 2 carry guns a sccy cpx2 and a kahr cm9 out. My kahr is the most favorite of all time subcompact gun to shoot. It's ergos and trigger just make it perfect for me. Yet another range session of flawless perfection. I've owned and carried alot of smaller guns like glocks , xds, snubbies, and a shield the little cm9 is still the best shooting carry gun yet. Ive noticed that most smaller guns are great cary but hard to shoot. What's the smallest and most enjoyable gun you love to shoot?

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    Small guns?

    P365 because itís a small gun with a big gun level of shoot-ability and accuracy.

    SW Model 60 because, for me, itís the perfect compromise of size and weight in small CCW wheel gun.
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    I prefer revolvers to semi-autos, and my small revolver of choice is my .357 Ruger LCR. I do love my Smiths, but the LCR seems to have less recoil than my Smith J-frames.

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    The tiny Glock 42 is my little pocket pistol.
    Not a huge fan of the overpriced .380 round, but such a smooth shooter.

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    Recently picked up the LCPII and thinks it's a great shooter; although I do not like the ammo prices for the .380. Next in line is my LCR 357. I actually prefer the LCPII to carry ONLY because the LCR is heavier and bulkier.
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    I like a small gun for pocket carry in the summer, but there's nothing fun about shooting one. I take my LCP to the range now and then to verify function and stay proficient with it, but it's a a necessary evil rather than an enjoyable experience. I got rid of a CM9 because it was so inaccurate and unpleasant to shoot.

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    Sig P365. Small gun that shoots much bigger.
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    I don't go below 9mm for carry. My Kahr CM9 is my pocket carry most of the time for a quick run to the store and such. My Diamodback DB9 is smaller and thinner and is my other pocket carry option. The trade off is the hand thumping. I enjoy shooting it, but I can't put near as many rounds through it compared to the Kahr. My wife carries a LC9s and loves it. I can shoot it fine, but it's not for me.

    I have a WWII Walther PP in .32acp that is a dream to shoot (and others .32 and 9x18 that are C&R that are a joy to shoot, but they are not my carry options).
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    Really liking my G43
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    My S&W kit gun pre mod 34 .22 is so much fun. I do have a LCP ll which is great for what it is designed for but not fun for my arthritic hands.

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