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    Stir the pot... Your preferred subcompact 9mm.

    Hello all,

    With summer quickly approaching, I'd like to pick up a smaller carry option than my current CZ P-01 (I know, just an excuse to buy a new toy) I know the right answer is to go shoot as many as I can, and choose the one that fits best; however I'd love to hear feedback from the asylum. One criteria is that it must be chambered in 9mm. I could stretch to 9x18 Mak if there's something completely off the radar that I've overlooked (Bulgarian Mak was my first firearm, let alone handgun)

    I'm hopefully stopping by the Trading Post tomorrow to check out some of their varied collection. Ideal budget is in the ~$400 range, new or used doesn't concern me. Current frontrunners are the usual suspects- G43, S&W Shield, Kahr CW9, and the Walther PPS M2. Dark horse of the Sig P938, and I'd like to handle a G26 and CZ Rami to see if the subcompact double stack would be an option.

    I know the P365 is the current Goldilocks, but coming from an unenjoyable experience with a P320, I'm a bit skeptical.

    Anyways, long-winded request for you to share what's worked for you.

    Edit: I should note I do have some time behind a S&W 638 that I find enjoyable.

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    Since everything you listed is single stack, I'm assuming you are okay with 6 - 8 rounds on tap.

    My preference is IWB carry. In the summer, it is a Walther PPS M2 that is riding in the holster. If dressing constraints do not allow me to IWB carry, such as wearing a tucked shirt (never got the knack of tucking in a shirt with an IWB holster), my Kahr CM9 is in a pocket holster.

    Having all that, I'm putting a Sig P365 through the paces and if I do well with it, it will replace the Walther. It is a smidge smaller and has 10+ capacity. Hard to argue with that.

    Just shot a G43 this weekend and liked it well enough and shot it well enough. Nothing wrong with it, but there isn't anything special about it either. The haters will say that the fact that it is a Glock is the main thing wrong with it, but each to their own. While I'm not a "fan boy", I do consistently shoot Glocks better than any other brand.

    Also have a Shield 40, but don't carry it. Snappy little booger...

    Play with as many as you can and see what strikes your fancy. Any of those you listed will serve you well, but only if you are comfortable with it and shoot it well.

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    I've been carrying a walther PPS (paddle release) daily since 2015 and love it dearly.

    It has a bit more heft to it than most of the other offerings, making it pleasant to shoot, and allows you to shoot it as well as a full sized gun.
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    Glock 43X In Milt Sparks VM2. Very comfortable and easy to shoot. I had the 43 for 3 years and it was nice also. The 43X handles great.

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    Walther PPS M2 - been carrying one for a couple of years when I need something smaller and semi-auto.

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    Would love to add to my 3rd gen Smith collection a CS45 or CS9
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    Shield M2.0 9mm with one extra mag.

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    Has to be a 9mm huh? Glock 26 then, for me.

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    I went back-and-forth between a Glock 19 and a Sig P320 before settling on the P365 for now. The common denominator has always been a Safariland ALS holster. The overall attributes of the P365 are hard to beat, at least for now.
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    I like a S&W shield 1.0 in a Uncle Mike's nylon IWB. No corners on the soft nylon to dig into your body when setting.

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