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Thread: Sig Romeo 5

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    Sig Romeo 5

    This Question is for anyone using the Sig Romeo5 orsimilar models. Can the Motac be disabled? My rifle will be carried in a vehicle quite often and Iím assuming that if the Motac cannot be disabled that it will constantly be turning the red dot on.

    **Just realized I put this in the wrong forum. Maybe a moderator can move it?

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    You can simply turn it off. Other than that I donít know of a way to disable the motion sensor when itís on/in standby.

    But you are right, itís sensitive enough riding around in a car will turn it on if itís in standby.
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    That answers my question. Thanks

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    With a 2-5 year battery life you could just leave it on and change out the battery every year. Or just turn it off.

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    As stated, the rifle will be in a vehicle, thereby rendering an otherwise great feature annoying while draining the battery.

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